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21. Novembar is one of the leading import and export companies of fabric stocks in Serbia. The company was founded in 19/02/1991. Our costumer base is all over Serbia from traders to clothing manufacturers, Our goods are of European quality and also from the Far East.

Every month stocks are resupplied and we always have attractive fabrics for each season.

Sale is made on meter or kilogram.
In stock we always have about 80 tons of various textiles.
Prices range from 1-6 euros/kg

Retail and headquarter, Niš, Serbia

21. Novembar Ltd.
Kosovke devojke 38, 18000 Niš, Serbia
PIB: 101531536
Identification number: 07618174
Business hours:
Work days 08-20
Saturday od 08-15
Warehouse wholesalers, Niš, Serbia

St. Druge proleterske brigade No.12
Business hours: 09-15

Retail, Čačak, Serbia

St. Skadarska 20, 32000 Čačak
Business hours:
Work days 08-20
Saturday od 08-15
Tel/fax: +381(0)18 214 147
+381(0)63 653 637

Manager: Milan Krstić